The Client’s name: Ms. Susan Saville, Mr. Richard Cyril Campbell Saville, Mrs. Judith Ellen Galvin and Mr. Simon John Galvin

Nationality: British

Name of the tour: Cambodia And Vietnam Luxury Holiday 25 Days

Destinations: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta, Phnom Penh, Siem Rieap


  1. Tour guides:


Mr. Phuc, tour guide in Hanoi and Halong Bay


Mr Phuc was an adequate guide with a reasonable grasp of English. Knew the facts  but could not easily understand our questions.  A major issue came when meeting the Sapa train which was 2hours late. Phuc took us to the hotel and told us we had 30 minutes to shower, change and have breakfast so we could get to Halong Bay on time.  Clearly not adequate but we did our best. On the way he stopped at a “tourist trap” for 30 minutes and 15 minutes at a pearl factory- both not needed but maybe for his benefit! So we were rushed in Hanoi but not for our benefit.


Mr. Son (in Sapa) – Tour guide in Sapa


Our guide in Sapa we called “Tree”  A young man with good command of English and an excellent guide. The train was late by 2 hours, the weather was drizzling with rain on the second day and there was little water in the river for the boat. Nevertheless he quickly grasped what we wanted to do and made some changes to the itinerary and we had a great time particularly with the minority people.


Mr. Thien Tour guide In Hoi An and Hue


Very enthusiastic man with a fund of tales about his life!  His English was ok but did not always understand our questions.  As a guide he caused a few issues such as trying to stop at a marble shop on the 30 minute drive from the airport to the hotel which I quickly told him was unacceptable.  In Hue he missed out some of the main buildings in the Citadel and when I showed him these in the guide book we had to return to the Citadel a second time to see them.  I was also not sure we saw everything we should in the DMZ area and we seemed rushed in Hoi An.


Mr. Thanh Tour Guide In Ho Chi Minh City


Very good guide, nice person and good command of English.  Made the CuChi tunnels experience extremely memorable


Mr. Lovy Tour Guide In Phnom Penh


Our guide was a lady we called “Talley”  A fantastic guide with excellent English and knowledge plus a lovely personality. When we found out she was born in 1970 we asked her about her experience at the time of the Khymer Rouge (1975-79)  She suddenly started talking and spent a very memorable 90 minutes telling us about her life during those years.  Just amazing.  An unexpected highlight of the trip!


Mr. Sophan Tour Guide In Siem Reap


Our guide was a man we called “Chan”   An excellent enthusiastic guide with good English. He was very good at helping us see the key temples with lesser crowds which was much appreciated.  Also we discovered he had been born in 1979 when his mother was fleeing to a refugee camp in Thailand, so when we showed interest he spoke at length about life in the 1980’s when the civil war continued in north Cambodia.  Fascinating and another  unexpected  highlight.


  1. Accommodation


Golden Silk Boutique Hotel (Hanoi)


Good central hotel with good rooms, food and bar. Perfect for what we needed.


Victoria Express Train


Sleeping on a train with short narrow beds was not easy, but very clean and well presented.  The highlight was dining on the train which was great fun and the food was remarkably good as were the wines. A really good experience and only sorry we could not repeat on the return.


Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa (Sapa)


Good hotel and restaurant although at 20:00 we were nearly the only guests!


Bhaya Legend Cruise (overnight junk in Halong Bay)


This was extremely memorable 2 days despite overcast weather. Very good and large amounts of food, helpful staff and the guide who took us cycling, kayaking and to see the floating village and fish farm was first class with good English.  Accommodation was good and we felt being on a 2 cabin boat was so much more preferable to a larger boat.


Victoria Hoi An Resort & Spa (Hoi An)


Very good hotel in great location.  Excellent facilities and restaurant where we ate both days. Could have easily spent an extra day at the hotel being lazy!


La Residence Hotel & Spa (Hue)


A classy hotel and again good facilities and restaurant. Probably the most expensive meal of the trip.


Caravelle Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City)


Superb location, good facilities and very good breakfast buffet. We enjoyed the bar on the 10th floor which was lively and fun.


La Veranda Resort & Spa (Phu Quoc)

Perfect hotel in great location for our few days of complete rest  Great service, food and facilities – really first class.


Mango Cruise (overnight boat in the Mekong Delta)


The boat has some drawbacks in that there is no area to enjoy the sun while cruising, the engines are left on all night which is very noisy and the itinerary had the boat moving from 4:00am. Also we reached Chau Doc by the evening of the second day (Not sure if this was planned in the itinerary) and probably could have spent the night at the Victoria rather than on-board.  Also only 1 bathroom which may not suit everybody but was no concern to us.  However seeing the Mekong Delta and its life was fascinating and was memorable.  The food on the boat was excellent given the limited facilities, the crew were really helpful and the trips off the boat were interesting and allowed us to see the local villagers.



Victoria Chau Doc Hotel & Spa (Chau Doc)


Good hotel, with nice swimming pool and restaurant.


La Rose Boutique Hotel (Phnom Penh)


Well located hotel and we really liked their employment policy to help young adults from poor backgrounds.  Very good service and breakfast was good


Pavillion D’Orient Boutique Hotel (Siem Reap)


A real boutique oasis hotel with lovely gardens and pools.  Staff were very friendly.


  1. Transport


All the drivers were good and the vans were all clean. Cold bottled water was freely available which was much appreciated


  1. Restaurants:


Some highlights were Itaca on Phu Quoc, Saffron in Saigon, FCC in Siem Reip and the garden house in Hue.


  1. Places you visited


Too many highlights but we will have many memories to enjoy in the years to come.


  1. Design and management of your tour:


The trip went without a hitch.  Guides were always waiting for us at stations or airports and on balance we felt time spent was about right in each location and how each day’s activities were organized.  We have no issues at all with way the trip was organized and thank you for your patience in creating 10 or more itineraries before we were happy.


  1. Are there any recommendations or criticisms of services, restaurants, shops, visit sites and so on that you’ve visited on your own?


None that we can think of.


  1. It’s highly appreciated if you could send us some of your photos taken during your journey as we’ll need them for our new brochure and updating our website.


Once we have looked through the photos we took – probably over 1000 – we will see whether any are worth sending to you! Please let me know what sort of pictures you would like.

Vietnam Luxury Travel 10 Days

Vietnam Luxury Travel 10 Days

Excellent – better than expected! Very personalised service, with care and attention paid. We’d recommend Vietnam Luxury Travel Agency to friends visiting Vietnam.

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