The Client’s name: Mrs. Paulina Faber and Mr. Peter Frederik Faber.
Nationality: Australian
Name of the tour: Vietnam Travel Experience 10 Days
Destinations: Hanoi, Hoa Binh, Mai Chau, Phu Yen, Mu Cang Chai, Sapa,

  1. Guide (s):

Khanh was very knowledgeable on all the local minority tribe including a ready ability to communicate with them and advise us on their local customs. The introduction to the ethnic groups at the museum was very interesting and useful for the remainder of the tour(but perhaps a bit lengthy). Khanh enabled to see how local peoples lived in their homes, and took us to places we would never have seen by ourselves.  He made the visits with local people interesting and informative. His knowledge of the country was excellent and very good when asked detailed questions.

  1. Accommodation:

Hanoi: Hoa Binh Palace Hotel – Comfortable, well located right in the old city, good service and a good breakfast.

Mai Chau Homestay:  An excellent experience for us both. The highlight was to see local wedding entertainment where we were privileged to see some local folk dances performed with style and grace by the village women and young men. Khanh took us through the village on foot to show us local living and the other home stay facilities.

Phu Yen: Trip dampened a bit due to fog but otherwise great, The beds in the Phu Yen guest house were somewhat “firm” . Stopped at a green tea factory on the spur of the moment, just ideal with a private tour.

Mu Cang Chai Guest house accommodation good but the bed was somewhat firm to hard. Khanh  took us to local cafe’s and the experience overall –positive. The food was good and we enjoyed the scenery especially seeing rice planting and soil preparation using buffaloes. Again, seeing local people living their day-to-day lives made the trip most enjoyable with Khanh taking us into local people’s homes.

Sapa: Bamboo Hotel was excellent. Unfortunately Khanh couldn’t make the fog disappear so views of Mt Fan Si Pan were not available but plenty of things to see. Khanh organised transport well.

Thanh Phu (Sapa):The home stay was excellent. Khanh’s organising some special treats for breakfast was much appreciated. Our stay amongst the Tay people was good, but the constant accompanying by local people pressuring us to buy their goods was a bit wearying. Wonderful to see local weaving and dyeing of cloth at the homestay

  1. Transport (Land, water and air):

Land transport was very good with a most competent driver. We would recommend you continue to use him. Bus trip from Sa Pa to Lao Cai was good with good weather all the way. The Hotel room at Lao Cai for us to freshen up before the train trip to Ha Noi was most welcome and thoughtful.

Water transport  with long tail boat on Ma River and ferry were great experiences. Felt safe at all times.

Rail transport from  Lao Cai to Ha Noi was uncomfortable only because of the limited length of bed for some-one who is 1.95m tall!

  1. Restaurants:

Ly Club Good food and fine company for a memorable occasion, thanks Tim. Other restaurants: Generally the local fare was good and enjoyable.

  1. Places you visited:

The villages and town visits met and exceeded our expectations. We loved the whole northern Vietnam area with its many ethnic groups.

  1. Design and management of your tour:

Communications with Tim were prompt and efficient.  The whole process of getting this tour organised over the internet was simple due to Tim’s care and work. The design of the tour using the information we gave was excellent. Tim’s suggestion to take our silk liners was very helpful, used on several occasions.

  1. Are there any recommendations or criticisms of services, restaurants, shops, visit sites and so on that you’ve visited on your own?

Friends recommended we spend a day on our own at the start of the tour which was a great idea, enabling us to get a feel for the culture and people similarly a day between the back to back tours as we did. A small gap in communications meant we had missed on a transfer between hotels which, with a single phone call was immediately fixed and transfer arranged. Some of the trekking was more difficult than anticipated but Khanh immediately made alternative and most satisfactory arrangements as is possible with a private tour. Our trekking capabilities were tested and we would recommend that some grading of trekking requirements be set up taking into account the age and capabilities of those taking part; not a simple exercise, eg advising tourists of anticipate steepness and the meters (approximate) of ascants and descents so the people can assess their own ability for a particular tour. We were very happy with the care and guidance received from Khanh who readily accommodated our request when the walking became a bit difficult.

As a suggestion: not all westerners have a passion for green tea, and some coffee (even instant) would probably be welcome by many. The rice for each of three meals per day- could some variation on this be practical? We understand it would not always be possible.

  1. It’s highly appreciated if you could send us some of your photos taken during your journey as we’ll need them for our new brochure and updating our website.

Refer to attached pictures with note for each photo, a selection from the 2000+ we took on our 4-week Vietnam holiday. Please note, these are reduced size photo’s. If the full size version is needed for publications please advise.

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Vietnam And Cambodia Tour 25 Days

The trip went without a hitch. We have no issues at all with way the trip was organized and thank you for your patience in creating 10 or more itineraries before we were happy.

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Vietnam Luxury Travel 10 Days

Excellent – better than expected! Very personalised service, with care and attention paid. We’d recommend Vietnam Luxury Travel Agency to friends visiting Vietnam.

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